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Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

Pre-Order Terms and Conditions


Due to the current climate of consistent delays due to COVID-19, we planned on switching to a made-to-order to an in-stock system, with pre-made items ready to ship. However, with the restock that occurred on 7/17, we were then spammed with messages and emails asking about pre-orders. Due to high demand, we will use a pre-order system for the foreseeable future. To keep this running as smoothly as possible, please read below before purchasing. 

Section 1 - Purchasing and cancellations

With purchasing, you understand that your order is a PREORDER and is not ready to ship. Everything is handmade, and you understand that it will take time to make your order. Upon purchasing, you will have 48 hours (two days) to contact us to cancel your order. After that time period, your order will be "locked in". This is how we determine how much raw materials to order. Once your order is locked in, you cannot cancel your order as all sales after the 48 hours are final. However, if we come across your order and are unable to complete your order (the most common reason being an incomplete address and we are not able to ship), we will cancel and refund your order. We will not refund or cancel your order because the order is "taking too long". I am not Amazon nor claim to be. Again, everything is handmade and shipped by a single person, and I am doing the best I can.

If your order is time sensitive, please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements. If you fail to do this, we will not cancel orders due to the package not arriving on time for your special event. Paying for a faster shipping method (Overnight, 2 Day Air, etc.) only affects the method of shipping once it is shipped, and does not automatically speed up the processing time.

Section 2 - Pricing and combining orders

All pricing is final once purchased. There are many coupon codes out there, and we will not give any additional discounts upon purchasing. To combine your order, please contact us within 48 hours of your purchase. In the past we have automatically combined orders, but given the amount of orders we expect to receive, this will be deemed too time consuming. However, refunds will not be given for making multiple purchases and paying for shipping with each order, and later requesting to combine the orders.