We are currently switching to an in-stock only system. We will be back July 17! Current Processing Time: 3 Weeks.

Processing Time Information

Why Does It Take So Long To Ship My Order?

6/18: We are switching to a ready-to-ship stock system, completely overhauling our made-to-order system that has worked for us for over 3 years! We have decided to  halt all incoming orders to focus on current orders and resolving any customer service issues with the post office, and to make stock with our new system! Fun fact: Between going viral on May 6th to us deciding to pause our store, we have received almost as many orders as we have during all of 2019!


Hello all! This is Ashley here, the owner of Otaku Scents. If you are reading this, you are probably wondering why we currently have a 3 week processing time for orders. Let me tell you, this is not normal!

We are a HANDMADE home fragrance company. Handmade products, including taking time to package the order to ensure it doesn't break in transit, takes time. On top of that, it is run by one person: Me. The Owner. I make everything and ship everything myself. My partner in crime (husband) has a full time job, but helps me do the heavy lifting with getting all of the orders out and bringing heavy raw materials (wax, jars, etc.) to my work area. He makes a great pack mule!

Prior to May 6th, we were running a 1 week processing time due to increased orders, with making orders as they came in and carrying little pre-made stock. People were supporting us with online shopping during a pandemic, and we are truly grateful! All of our conventions (which make a bulk of my income) were cancelled. All of these orders kept us afloat! Typically we only keep bulk inventory while prepping for conventions due to the limited space we have, so we were totally unprepared for what was to come. 

On May 6th, a TikTok video went viral, and sent a mass amount of orders our way in a short amount of time. I thought the orders would die down after a bit, but if anything, they have increased! I quickly had to switch from making small amounts of candles and wax melts at a time, to making more than what I would make for a convention (at least 3x more) in less than a week. Due to COVID19, ordering labels, materials, etc. became extremely delayed, and ordering such a mass amount in such a short amount of time took me by surprise to say the least.


- The owner (Ashley), makes everything by hand, ships, does the social media, customer service, etc. by herself.

-  The Owner did not expect to go viral and get the amount of massive orders that Otaku Scents has received.

- COVID19 has put a delay on shipping for everyone, so it takes awhile to get labels, raw materials, etc.

Thank you to all who have supported us during this difficult time! Hang in there while I completely adjust how we run things here at Otaku Scents!

Ashley Roybal
Owner, Otaku Scents

If you need to reach me, please visit our Contact Page.