4 Mystery Candles - Bundle

4 Mystery Candles - Bundle

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Like everything that Otaku Scents has to offer, but can't decide? Are you a fan of mystery bags at a convention? Not picky about scents? Then this is for you! Included is FOUR random 9 oz candle that can be any of the following:

  • Any scent from our current collection, including popular and sold out scents
  • Retired scents that are no longer available to the public
  • Current scents with retired artwork
  • Mis-colored candles (the scent is the same, we just made an oopsy with the candle dye!)

Once this item is shipped out, sales are non-refundable, and the scent cannot be exchanged. Scent requests are not taken, however, if you have allergy concerns, please list them in the order notes.

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