Azula - Retired

Azula - Retired

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Scent: Plum, peony, vanilla bean, musk, red hot cinnamon
Size: 8.75 oz, 4"  tall x 3" wide
Burn Time: 55 - 60 hours
Wax: Natural Vegan USA Soy


"Trust is for fools. Fear is the only reliable. way."

Born a princess and hailed as a prodigy, Azula grew up to be narcissistic and confident. She relentlessly drilled herself toward perfection and settled for nothing less from herself or those who served her. She believed that power and domination were the defining traits of strength, and as such would only help others if she thought there was some personal gain at stake. Azula was known to have a cruel personality, showing little to no concern for others besides her father. From a very young age, Azula demonstrated sadistic aggression and a near-total lack of remorse to friends, servants, family, and animals.

Inspired by Azula's cruel, sadistic, and crazy personality, this blend is feminine, yet screams "crazy b****" with plum, peony, vanilla bean, musk, and red hot cinnamon.

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