Kawaii (Pink) - Wax Melter
Kawaii (Pink) - Wax Melter

Kawaii (Pink) - Wax Melter

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Size: 4.6" wide x 4.6" tall
Use: 1-2 cubes of wax
Note: Comes with a separate reusable plastic cup that is used with the melter. Replacement cups are available for purchase.


Inspired by Japanese "cuteness culture", this melter is a modern wax melter with a simplistic oval design in the color Kawaii (pink). Not everyone wants a fancy melter (or at least want it to blend in with their normal home decor), so this is the best route to go among our wax melter collection. 

To use the melter, remove the ceramic top, and place the plastic cup in the center. Place one or two cubes inside the cup, depending on the size of the room. Replace the ceramic top, plug in the melter, and use the switch to turn on the melter. The heating element will warm the fragrance and emit wonderful scent throughout your space. To clean the cup, turn off the melter, let it cool for a short while, and pour the wax in the trash. Wipe with a paper towel, or rinse with dish soap and water, and the cup is ready for a new scent!

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