Mitsuri - Bundle

Mitsuri - Bundle

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This bundle includes the following:

x1 9 oz candle
x1 2.5 oz wax melt
x1 4 oz air freshener
x1 1.7 fl oz perfume

Pink primrose, ivy, blooming orchids, warm amber, and musk


"In the Demon Slayer Corps, everyone valued me. The people I saved from demons thanked me with tears in their eyes. Is it okay for a girl to be this strong?"

Mitsuri is a very emotional and passionate person who constantly compliments people in her head, likely a contributing factor towards her nickname as "the Hashira of Love." Although she is rather shy and is easily flustered, Mitsuri is always kind to others, most notably towards Obanai, whom she appears to share a strong bond with. However, despite her gentle demeanor, Mitsuri will show no mercy in the face of Demons, instead expressing such sentiments with a fierce tone. She showcases a great amount of dedication to the Demon Slayers' cause. She is a very caring person, always showing others her love as befits her Hashira title. 

Inspired by Mitsuri's Love Breathing, this scent is a beautiful floral blend of pink primrose, ivy, blooming orchids, warm amber, and musk.

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