Subaru - Wax Melt

Subaru - Wax Melt

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Scent: Spicy hot chili pepper, juniper, cedarwood
Size: 3 oz, 6 1" cubes
Melt: 1 - 2 cubes at a time
Use: Any wax warmer
Wax: Natural Vegan USA Soy
Artist: Jean Tumbagahan


“I have no strength, but I want it all. I have no knowledge, but all I do is dream. There’s nothing I can do, but I struggle in vain!”

While Subaru tends to not read the situations he encounters, ultimately leading him to make irrational decisions, he is loyal to those he holds dear, willing to help them, even if that means taking the thorny path. He has his resolve confirmed through the many situations and circumstances he faces in the fantasy world, originally having been one to always take the 'easy' route. As a shut-in NEET, he is hopeful of the possibilities that being sucked into a new realm brings, but later realizes the realities of the predicament he is in. Eventually, he resolves himself to be faithful and protective of the ones that he cares most about.

This blend is greatly inspired by Subaru's "Return by Death" ability, with the spicy notes of the fragrance creating a more "supernatural" feel of an otherwise overall woodsy and masculine fragrance.

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