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About Us

While surfing Etsy, we discovered that there were multiple shops with themed candles that referenced books, pop culture, fandoms, and more, but there were super few anime themed candles to choose from! As a lover of anime, we felt that there was a void that needed to be filled. From that thought, Otaku Scents was born!

As a visual person, having artwork on our candles was a very important aspect that we decided to include on the label. We commission artwork from various artists to A) give you amazing fanart to go along with your candle and B) support the artistic community! In the description of each candle lists the artist that created the artwork for the candle.

We are dedicated to bringing you a high quality anime inspired candle that you will love. Our labels are made of a high quality, water resistant vinyl label, so you can wash out the candle after burning to display on your shelf next to your favorite figure or manga collection. Each scent is carefully selected and tested to make sure the scent matches the character or place, whether it's by their likes, personality, or their surroundings!

We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we did making them!