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International Shipping FAQ

Can you ship to my country?

Before COVID19, we shipped to all countries around the globe. Unfortunately, there are many countries we cannot ship to due to disruptions in service, or availability of transportation. *Note*: If we receive an order from a country that is on the Service Disruption list, we will cancel and refund the order. The post office is rejecting mail from countries on that list, and if one slips through the cracks (gets accepted by a postal worker, scanned through a drop box, etc.), the mail will be returned to the sender.

To find out if your country is on the Service Disruption list, here is a link! This list is updated daily, and once a country is taken off of this list, we will be able to ship to that country:

How much does international shipping cost?

Unfortunately I cannot give a quote on international shipping, since it varies by country and region, and also depends on how heavy your total package is. Please be aware that shipping charges are imported into our system directly from USPS, and we do not make the prices. Yes, we know international shipping is expensive. No, we are unable to make it cheaper through magical means. Our candles are heavy and made of glass, and shipping rates are determined by weight.

Also, as per our Terms and Conditions, the customer is responsible for any import taxes or fees that may occur. We do not know if your particular country charges import fees and taxes, so please refer to your local post office for any information regarding this. The HTS code we use for shipping is 3406.00.0000, which is for candles, tapers, and the like.

How long will international shipping take to reach me?

Again, this varies by country and region. Sometimes the package will fly through customs and will be on your doorstep, other times it may be held at customs for inspection or held due to COVID19 overload (we have had a few packages recently that were held for weeks due to COVID19 delays). Please keep in mind that we cannot make the packages go faster, and once it leaves the US, we have no control over the package. Sometimes tracking for the package stops once it enters the receiving country, so if there is an issue as far as delivery, you would have to contact your local carrier.

We will NOT give refunds once an item is shipped because the package is taking too long to arrive. In this climate with delayed shipping across the globe, you are purchasing at your own risk and acknowledge that it may take awhile to get to you.