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Scent: Gold passionfruit and roses
Size: 9 oz, 4"  tall x 3" wide
Burn Time: 55 - 60 hours
Wax: Natural Vegan USA Soy
Note: Has microglitter accents sprinkled on top
Artist: Cat Crossing Art


"Can't she think of anything other than boys and food?"

In the manga, anime, and live-action series, Luna provides the Senshi with many of their special items, particularly early on. The items always spring into existence, seemingly out of thin air, and it is unclear whether she is creating them herself or simply producing them from some other location. Over the course of the series, Luna develops a close bond with Usagi, though early on it is on uneasy terms, as Luna often upsets Usagi by giving her advice she does not want, often leading to comic results.

Inspired by Luna's role as a mentor and advisor to Usagi and the other Senshi, this fragrant scent is a blend of gold passionfruit and roses.

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