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Sample Pack - Create Your Own!
Sample Pack - Create Your Own!

Sample Pack - Create Your Own!

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With our Create Your Own Sample Pack, you can select your own assortment of our scents to try before you decide which to buy in the full size candles! Sample packs are also an excellent gift option when you want the recipient to have a variety.

Each sample pack contains four (4) tea lights. If you are unable to decide on which samples you would like, type "Random" in the text box, and we will choose for you! Each tea light is individually labeled, so you know which sample you are receiving.

>>> There are characters from different anime and games that have the same name, which can lead to confusion when fulfilling your order. Below are examples of the correct requested sample format and an incorrect sample requested format. If characters are listed with no anime or game title attached to them and there happen to be multiple scents with the same name, we will make an educated guess. No refunds or exchanges will be given. <<<<

✅ Correct format example:

Hinata - Haikyuu!!!

Kyoko - Danganronpa 

Blair - Soul Eater

Yuki - Fruits Basket


🚫 Incorrect format example:





Note: Discontinued scents cannot be requested as samples. If a discontinued scent is listed as a sample request, a random sample will take it's place, along with a note explaining why.

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