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Froppy (Tsuyu) - Wax Melt
Froppy (Tsuyu) - Wax Melt

Froppy (Tsuyu) - Wax Melt

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Character: Froppy (Asui Tsuyu)
Anime: My Hero Academia
Scent: Green ozonic top notes, wild rose floral, damp earth, moss, and woodland musk
Size: 3 oz, 6 1" cubes
Melt: 1 - 2 cubes at a time
Use: Any wax warmer
Wax: Natural Vegan USA Soy
Artist: jeannetheart (Jean Tumbagahan)


"Kero (ribbit)."

Tsuyu is a straightforward and laid-back individual who always says what's on her mind and what she thinks about others. She prefers to be called "Tsu", but has stated she only wants people she views as friends to refer to her as such. Tsuyu has a habit of tipping her finger against her mouth while speaking or pondering. She also says "ribbit" as a replacement for many of her single word replies.

Her scent blend is fresh, clean, earthy, with a hint of floral to create an aroma of rainforest trees and blossoms- perfect for a frog-like hero!

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