Brook - Wax Melt

Brook - Wax Melt

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Scent: Tea, violet, tobacco, incense, leather, cypress
Size: 2.5 oz, 6 1" cubes
Melt: 1 - 2 cubes at a time
Use: Any wax warmer
Wax: Natural Vegan USA Soy
Artist: jeannetheart 


"Yo ho ho ho! Music is my power!"

Brook is an eccentric character with a distinct personality of his own, like the other Straw Hat Pirates. While he looks like and thinks himself to be a gentleman, he does possess vulgar and perverted manners, yelling impatiently for food, and occasionally burping and farting conspicuously. Despite this behavior, he still remains very polite, formal, and soft spoken in speech, usually referring to people using the respectful "-san" ("Sir") and always speaks to everyone even enemies in a very courteous manner. He appreciates the simplest of things: from a gesture of kindness, the company of others, and walking in the sunlight after receiving his shadow back. 

Inspired by Brook's love for tea, along with his musician lifestyle, this blend is a unique masculine blend of tea, violet, tobacco, incense, leather, and cypress.

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