Diane - Air Freshener

Diane - Air Freshener

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Scent: Juniper, lemon, bergamot, pepper, pine, orris root, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber
Size: 4 oz
Duration: 3-4 hours
Directions: Shake before each use. Use the air freshener around the room away from the eyes or face, with the amount of sprays depending on the size of the room. More sprays may be needed to conceal stronger odors. Do not spray directly onto furnishings, skin, open flames, or other heat sources. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Note: Air freshener will become cloudy in bottle after shaking
Artist: jeannetheart 


"The memories that I treasure are engraved in my heart. Even if I forget them temporarily or they are hidden, they will never disappear."

Diane is a very friendly Giantess and is also very confident regarding her abilities, appearing to generally consider Holy Knights as weak. Diane can become extremely fierce and hostile towards anyone who threatens her friends. Despite her brave and strong appearance, Diane is a somewhat emotionally fragile person as shown by her hatred of loneliness. 

Inspired by her Giantess heritage, this scent is an earthy and feminine blend of juniper, lemon, bergamot, pepper, pine, orris root, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber.

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