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Scent: Mandarin, cedar, amber, dark musk, vanilla, and sandalwood
Size: 8.75 oz, 4"  tall x 3" wide
Burn Time: 55 - 60 hours
Wax: Natural Vegan USA Soy
Artist: jeannetheart


"If love is just a word, then why does it hurt so much if you realize it isn't there?"

Gaara's background is very similar to that of the main protagonist: both have been jinchūriki since the day they were born, both were hated by almost everyone in their village, and both were raised without a parent's love. However, Gaara eventually gave up on other people, and sought strength only in protecting himself. When the two fight during the Konoha Crush, Gaara takes this as proof that his own choices in life were wrong; he had surrendered to his difficult circumstances too easily. From that point onward he starts moving away from "Gaara of the Sand Waterfall", improving his relationships with his siblings, making friends within Suna and without, and finding something that he's willing to give his life to protect. His relationship with Shukaku did improve somewhat when he told the tailed beast he used to hate it.

Gaara's unique scent blend gives off a masculine, yet desert and sand vibe with dark undertones.

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