Grass Type - Wax Melter
Grass Type - Wax Melter

Grass Type - Wax Melter

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Size: 8" wide x 4" tall
Use: 1-2 cubes of wax
Note: Contains easy to use roller switch. Red light will light up once switch is turned on to indicate the heating plate is active.


Bring the magic of grass-type pocket monsters into your home with this adorable succulent electric melter! Using a hot plate and a ceramic dish, just drop a couple of cubes into the dish, turn on the melter using the switch, and wonderful fragrance will disperse throughout your space.

The Grass type (くさタイプ, Kusa taipu) is one of the eighteen elemental types.

Grass is one of the three Starter types, forming a perfectly triangular relationship with Fire and Water.

Many Grass types are based on plants and fungi, not necessarily grass (such as Cacturne, which is a cactus, and Foongus, which is a mushroom). Many Grass-type also belong to the Plant Egg Group. Several Grass types are paired with the Poison type (Pokémon such as Oddish, Venusaur and Bellsprout), reflecting the toxicity of several plants towards mainly humans. Most Grass-types are also simply animals with plant life attached to them (Pokémon such as Bulbasaur, Paras, Sceptile, Gogoat and Tropius). Some Grass-types are also based on mythical creatures.

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