Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight (Bakugo) - Air Freshener

Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight (Bakugo) - Air Freshener

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Scent: Tart raspberry, bitter chocolate, and patchouli *Note*: This scent is NOT caramel because nitroglycerin does NOT smell like caramel. This is a common misconception due to a tweet that went viral in 2018 containing false information. It is not canon, so please stop messaging us saying he's supposed to smell like caramel.
Size: 4 oz
Duration: 3-4 hours
Directions: Shake before each use. Use the air freshener around the room away from the eyes or face, with the amount of sprays depending on the size of the room. More sprays may be needed to conceal stronger odors. Do not spray directly onto furnishings, skin, open flames, or other heat sources. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Note: Air freshener will become cloudy in bottle after shaking

Artist: jeannetheart (Jean Tumbagahan)


"Stop talking. I will win. That's... what heroes do."

Bakugo is a very crude, violent, arrogant, and aggressive person. Having an attitude reminiscent of a teenage delinquent, Bakugo tends to come off as very anti-heroic, if not downright villainous. Brutal and bloodthirsty, Bakugo smiles eerily when finding himself in the middle of a battle. His personality reflects his fighting style: mercilessly assaulting the opponent and having no regard for nearby objects, merely destroying them with his power. 

Bakugo's sweat is made up of a nitroglycerin-like material, which has explosive properties, Nitroglycerin has a burnt sugar scent, for which his scent drew inspiration from.

This scent blend of bitter chocolate, tart raspberries, and patchouli create a sweet, yet bitter and smoky aroma with masculine properties that radiates from everyone's favorite explosion hero.

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