Jinbe - Air Freshener

Jinbe - Air Freshener

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Scent: Sea ozone, lemon zest, marine waters, driftwood, dark amber
Size: 4 oz
Duration: 3-4 hours
Directions: Shake before each use. Use the air freshener around the room away from the eyes or face, with the amount of sprays depending on the size of the room. More sprays may be needed to conceal stronger odors. Do not spray directly onto furnishings, skin, open flames, or other heat sources. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Note: Air freshener will become cloudy in bottle after shaking

Artist: jeannetheart


"Here goes! I'll never lose!"

Jinbe is a fish-man of great pride and honor. He is known to the World Government as a pirate-hating pirate. Because of his honor, Jinbe is very respectful and considerate to the people he serves under. When asked to join the Straw Hat Pirates, Jinbe declined due to still being affiliated with Big Mom and could only join after he left her crew. Jinbe also desired consent from his crew, the Sun Pirates, in order to join the Straw Hats, showing Jinbe is very considering towards his now former crew members' feelings. 

Inspired by Jinbe's fish-man heritage, this fragrance is an oceanic blend of sea ozone, lemon zest, marine water, driftwood, and dark amber.

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