Kazuha - Air Freshener

Kazuha - Air Freshener

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Scent: Red maple leaves, laurel, sweet clove, balsam, patchouli, sandalwood
Size: 4 oz
Duration: 3-4 hours
Directions: Shake before each use. Use the air freshener around the room away from the eyes or face, with the amount of sprays depending on the size of the room. More sprays may be needed to conceal stronger odors. Do not spray directly onto furnishings, skin, open flames, or other heat sources. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Note: Air freshener will become cloudy in bottle after shaking
Artist: Yozora Studios


"Come driving rain or winds that churn, I shall return, by blade alone, armed, if barefoot, to my home..." I am Kaedehara Kazuha, a wanderer who roams the land. Since we are both travelers, let us journey together for a time."

Kazuha is a polite and well spoken individual. Compared to other noble Inazuman clan members, Kazuha prefers going out and travelling rather than staying put indoors, something that the seizure of his clan home let him do due to a lack of wealth and duty. He roamed Inazuma peacefully as a modest wanderer for a good portion of his life, teaching himself bladework and picking up other skills, never seeking luxury. Kazuha is determined in his goals, pursuing them with thoroughness and cunning, but he also takes his time and is easygoing. He is very reflective and thoughtful about all matters, frequently pondering about various topics in his travels. His most prized possession is his sword that he keeps with him at all times, a source of pride for Kazuha as both an Inazuman and a samurai. He is also incredibly fond of red maple leaves, finding them beautiful and enjoys seeing them rain during autumn. When unable to view such sights, he frequently collects and carries them as a memento to ease any homesickness.

Inspired by Kazuha's love for maple leaves, along with his love for travelling and the outdoors, this scent is a fresh and woodsy blend of maple leaves, laurel, sweet clove, balsam, patchouli, sandalwood.

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