Kirito - Wax Melt

Kirito - Wax Melt

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Scent: Musk, sweet orange, lemon balm, kaffir lime leaves, and vanilla cream
Size: 3 oz, 6 1" cubes
Melt: 1 - 2 cubes at a time
Use: Any wax warmer
Wax: Natural Vegan USA Soy
Artist: Cat Crossing Art


"Levels are just numbers. In this world, strength is just an illusion. There are more important things."

Kirito is someone who is not good with words, and can be quite direct. He is almost always a calm and collected character, rarely showing any signs of distress. When Kayaba Akihiko appeared in SAO and announced that it had become a Death Game, Kirito showed only a slight reaction and was able to quickly accept the new conditions of the game, while many others panicked. He has shown different moods throughout the series; at times being rather cheerful, while being gloomy at others. When in a battle, he becomes incredibly fierce and aggressive. Sometimes, his fierceness is up to the point where he loses control of himself and is even unable to recall what he had done.

With Kirito's mixture of a calm yet fierce demeanor, this scent is a mixture of strong sweet orange, lemon balm,  and kaffir lime leaves top notes, and mellowed out by vanilla cream and musk bottom notes.

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