Makima - Perfume

Makima - Perfume

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Scent: White jasmine, pink peppercorn, tea rose petals, gold amber, sugar, cashmere, suede
Size: 50 mL / 1.7 oz
Use: On body
Artist: jeannetheart

Note: Due to shipping restrictions of perfumes and colognes, this item can only be shipped within the continental U.S. via ground shipping. We are unable to ship this item to Alaska, Hawaii, outlying U.S. territories, or internationally.

Initial fragrance may have a slightly different scent when first sprayed on body or clothes. Once the fragrance has settled and dried, the true fragrance notes will become stronger.


"Only answer with "Yes" or "Woof". I don't need a dog who says "No"."

On the surface, Makima seems to be a nice, gentle, social and friendly woman, she is seen almost the entire time wearing a smile on her face and acts relaxed and confident even during a crisis, speaking in a professional tone to her workers. Makima has demonstrated to be extremely cunning, cold and manipulative. She controls Denji through the promises of a romantic and sexual relationship while also threatening him with extermination if he disobeys her. Ruthless and normally dispassionate, she will do whatever it takes to reach her goals, even at the cost of the people she should be protecting.

Inspired by Makima's alluring and manipulative personality, this fragrance is a feminine and sexual blend of white jasmine, pink peppercorn, tea rose petals, gold amber, sugar, cashmere, and suede.

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