Makoto (Queen)
Makoto (Queen)

Makoto (Queen)

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Scent: Lavender, clary sage, leather, tonka, orris, and cashmere
Size: 9 oz, 4"  tall x 3" wide
Burn Time: 55 - 60 hours
Wax: Natural Vegan USA Soy
Artist: HanaeKariko


"Feel my rage!"

Despite her position as student council president, Makoto is an extremely unpopular student at Shujin Academy. Feeling overshadowed by her highly successful older sister, and being used as a tool, Makoto has almost no sense of self-worth, and so has made a habit of keeping her nose down and doing what is expected of her. After getting involved with the Phantom Thieves, however, Makoto stops denying that she was nothing other than a tool for higher authorities, and vows from then on to fight for what she believes in, which triggers the awakening of her Persona. Makoto is an excellent analytical thinker and strategist, known for correctly deducting how a majority of puzzles in Palaces work on first sight.

Inspired by Makoto's prim, proper, yet tomboy-ish personality, this scent is a blend of lavender, clary sage, leather, tonka, orris, and cashmere.

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