Raiden Shogun - Perfume

Raiden Shogun - Perfume

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Scent: Rich vanilla, exotic woods, white orchids, morning glories, dark ebony
Sample Size: 5 mL / .16 fl oz
Full Size: 50 mL / 1.7 fl oz
Use: On body
Artist: Yozora Studios

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"No salutations needed. My exalted status shall not be disclosed as we travel among the common folk. I acknowledge that you are a person of superior ability. Henceforth, you will be my guard. Worry not. Should any danger arise, I shall dispose of it."

The Raiden Shogun exists in two forms—Raiden Ei, her true identity, and the Shogun, a puppet created by Ei to act as the ruler of Inazuma in her stead while she meditates in the Plane of Euthymia. This puppet follows a set of directives programmed into her, which are extremely hard to modify even by Ei herself. The Shogun is cold and stern in personality, even callous at times; she is limited in emotional expression, has no likes and dislikes, and has no need for recreation. The Shogun thinks of herself as Ei's assistant, and does exactly as she wishes, no more and no less; she cannot act without Ei's direction, and if her usual functions are disabled, the Shogun becomes incapable of doing anything. The Raiden Shogun is a firm believer of what she believes to be eternity—a place in which everything is kept the same, regardless of what goes on. She is honorable in her conduct and is revered by the people of Inazuma. While Ei has a more stern demeanor than the average person, she is notably more emotive and sociable than the Shogun. Unlike the Shogun, Ei has preferences, such as a love for sweets and her passion in martial arts. Due to her dedication to eternity, Ei is wary of the idea of change. 

Inspired by Raiden Shogun's cold and stern personality, combined with Ei's love for sweets, this scent is a solemn, warm and sweet blend of rich vanilla, exotic woods, white orchids, dark ebony, and morning glories (for the flowers in her hair).

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