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Silver Crystal - Wax Melter

Silver Crystal - Wax Melter

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Item: Silver Crystal
Anime: Sailor Moon
Size: 7" wide x 5" tall
Use: 1-2 cubes of wax


Bring the magic of Sailor Moon to your room while enjoying a fragrance of your choice with this electric Silver Crystal wax warmer. Made of heavy-duty glass with color-changing LED lights on the chrome base. Dimming or brightening the light allows you control amount of fragrance emitted into your home.

This wax melter comes with 1 FREE wax melt of your choosing. If you are unable to choose, type "RANDOM" and we will choose for you! If nothing is put in the field box, we will choose a random wax melt for you.

The Silver Crystal possesses tremendous power, and is possibly the single most powerful magical artifact in the entire cosmos. Drawing on the vital life energy and heart of its user, the Crystal can perform spectacular feats, such as reviving an entire world and all of its inhabitants from death and ruin. Unfortunately, the strain of using the Crystal's power in such a way often causes the user to lose their life, as that power actually derives from the life force of the user. However, it has been shown that if several other individuals add their own inner power to the wielder's efforts, they will be spared this fate, but left in a weakened state afterward. Only a member of the Moon Kingdom dynasty can actually use the Silver Crystal, and it was shown as the source of Queen Serenity's power during the Silver Millenium; Serenity's daughter Usagi Tsukino and granddaughter Chibiusa each go on to inherit the Crystal in their own right. When in use, the Crystal's dazzlingly bright and supremely powerful light is often white, but can appear in shades of pink, fuchsia, or magenta.

Otaku Trivia:

1) The Silver Crystal comes in different shapes.

2) Like many magical artifacts of great power, it can be used for both good or evil.

3) In the  English dub, the crystal was called different names by many people; such as: the Silver Moon Crystal, the Silver Crystal, the Imperium Silver Crystal, the Moon Crystal, and the Imperium Crystal. In 1995, promotional material spelled its name as Empyrean Silver Crystal, suggesting not so much regalia of rulership as a celestial object formed of pure goodness or light and pertaining to the highest heaven.

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