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Scent: Valencia orange zest, Kaffir lime, tonka bean, lotus blossom, warm amber, wood, vanilla
Size: 8.75 oz, 4"  tall x 3" wide
Burn Time: 55 - 60 hours
Wax: Natural Vegan USA Soy
Artist: Cat Crossing Art


"It's too early to quit."

Having a no-show for a father and with his mother always off somewhere else (getting drunk or partying), Yusuke has grown up in a very neglectful environment. He's short-tempered, impulsive, merciless and likes to intimidate those who are afraid of him. One of his most notable traits is his desire to fight, which becomes more noticeable as the series progresses. Yusuke has been noted on many occasions to be rather unintelligent, and, at times, just plain stupid. Yusuke's desire to fight is more out of enjoyment of a good brawl, and surprisingly Yusuke doesn't like killing if he can avoid it. Another prominent trait of Yusuke's psyche is his sense of justice, as he doesn't tolerate evildoers and always has a firm resolve to capture or even beat them for the sake of doing the right thing.

The blend of zesty citrus notes, sweeter notes of tonka bean and lotus, and warmer notes of amber, wood, and vanilla create a masculine yet charming and sweet scent that nods to his macho personality combined with his joking and kind nature.


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