Zero Two (Code 002) - Perfume

Zero Two (Code 002) - Perfume

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Scent: Ripe berries mixed with hints of sugary sweetness (lollipops)
Size: 50 mL / 1.7 oz
Use: On body
Artist: jeannetheart

Note: Due to shipping restrictions of perfumes and colognes, this item can only be shipped within the continental U.S. via ground shipping. We are unable to ship this item to Alaska, Hawaii, outlying U.S. territories, or internationally.

Initial fragrance may have a slightly different scent when first sprayed on body or clothes. Once the fragrance has settled and dried, the true fragrance notes will become stronger.


"Found you, my darling."

Zero Two's personality was rumored to be dangerous, cold, and alluring. She was an elite pilot with the pseudonym "Partner Killer", given the mysterious cases of her co-pilots dying after a short number of FRANXX rides. However, she appeared to be playful towards Hiro and sometimes showed humor; which is evident during their first meeting. However, she prioritized her duty as a Parasite more than anything, not because she wanted to protect Papa and the others, but because she wanted to "become human". Her outlook on life was quite cynical which is why she didn't bother with a name since they were all meant to fight and die.

Inspired by her playful and alluring nature, along with her love for lollipops, this particular lollipop scent is sugary sweet with a fun mix of ripe berries.

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